Regardless of the size of your organization, you can still
attain custom designed and professional looking photo
identification cards on a cost effective basis.
BadgeAmerica offers a unique service that enables an
organization to purchase Photo Id Cards while sparing
the expense of buying an identification card making
system, training an operator to then use the system,
as well as purchasing and stocking large quantities
of expensive id card making supplies.
BadgeAmerica’s Custom Badging Service is a perfect
choice when you have a relatively few number of Photo
Id Cards to make and when you only need them made
at periodic or infrequent intervals. Your organization
does not have to bare the cost of purchasing an entire
identification card system that will only be used occasionally.
Save your organization time and money and let the
experienced professionals at BadgeAmerica do the
work of designing and producing your Photo Id Cards.
Extra features included for No extra charge:
• Two-sided printing
• Bar Code Encoding
• Badge clip, pouch or lanyard
• Heavy & Holographic Over-laminate for longer wear.
BadgeAmerica exclusively uses the Ultra Card III,
which is a high quality, scratch and debris resistant
card stock composed of a 40% polyester core.
If you will be ordering more than 100 Id Cards or Badges
at one time call 1-401-766-1816 to discuss quantity discounts.
BadgeAmerica strives to turn around your order
within 72 hours of it being placed. If you need
expedited delivery or processing please let us know.